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Our "Easter Egg" :-)

The Company of Strangers is a gaming group in the Toronto (Ontario, Canada) area that currently gets their gaming outlet primarily through role-playing games, particularly Dungeons & Dragons (3.5) ™. Our group is made up of a number of friends who have known each other for some time, a couple going back 27 years. Most of us have been gaming for at least a decade, and many of us engage in other aspects of gaming (role-playing games, wargaming, miniature gaming, collectible card games, collectible miniature games, board games, computer and video games, parlour games, … you get the idea). My 82-year-old mother still asks me if I “still play those silly games.” It’s nice to know that after more than thirty years she still holds out hope for me.

A few of us are involved in other aspects of fandom (we have one Aurora Award Winner and another Aurora Award nominee in our number, as well a GW Golden Demon winner) and many of us can be encountered (or avoided) at local Science Fiction/Fantasy/Anime conventions in the Toronto area and others.

This web page is a fun vanity project for us, but we welcome visitors and guests from elsewhere in the gaming community. We would love it if this site became a visiting place or resource for the gaming community. Please feel free to comment, raise discussions on the message boards, or just drop us a line and chat. Or feel equally free to just peruse the site, read the fiction, and look at the pictures, or laugh (or wonder) at the strange and wonderful characters that populate our fantasy worlds. By all means, let us know what you’ve liked and disliked about the site, or anything else you might want to let us know about.

The name “the Company of Strangers” is actually what one of our role-playing campaign’s group of characters started to call themselves when they formed an adventuring company in the Forgotten Realms. Our party was so eclectic in make-up that it just seemed to fit … and ‘Legion of Strangers’ was already taken. [Thank you very much French Foreign Legion!!! ;)]

--Gord Rose