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New Minis?

So I was walking by the GW Store the other day...

What new minis are coming out that you want to draw peoples' attention to? Mention them here.

So I was walking by the GW Store the other day...

Postby Le Grognard » Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:14 am

...and I found myself, once again, remarking how beautiful the figures are and cursing how evil GW's marketing methods are.

Thinking back on my historicals languishing in boxes ... Even thinking about my WH Fantasy Battle armies sitting in their storage ...

Why did it have to be 40K that beats everybody's brain?

As a simulation I realize it sucks. But I'm not even that taken with its aspects as being a game! I don't see the fun. (NB: MY WHFB days were back with 2nd edition - I believe - where there was still a resemblance to wargaming.)
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