Role Playing Related Fiction by The Company of Strangers  

Role Playing Fiction:

Over the years, the members of the Company have played a LOT of RPGs. Many of them inspired fiction - and still are. This is a selection of those pieces of fiction. We hope you enjoy!

Fiction by Gord Rose:

  • The Journal of Calamar Eldanil:
    Calamar is an elven cleric of Corellon in a Greyhawk campaign run by Adrian Johnson. The world was richly detailed and a lot of effort went into the creation of the setting and the characters that populated it. It inspired a great deal of fiction.

  • The Beginning of the Auldvoron Campaign (Chapters 1-3)
    There's always a beginning to everything. This campaign was particularly iconic for many of us in the group as it was our first regular forray into D&D together, starting with 2nd Edition and eventually morphing into 3.5 as new rules came out. These chapters introduce many of the characters and get things started on the group's first adventure. It should be noted that Gord's concept of the Bladesingers was unique. It had to be, actually. D&D changed the rules on Bladesingers so many times that it was hard to keep up. Eventually, he just made up his OWN rules - and Jodi, the player of Aelyra, couldn't have been more pleased that he did.

  • A Twin’s Travels
    A story about “Quarrel” Leofmund (human ranger/rogue), set in Gord's Auldvoron campaign.

  • The Beginnings of a Beautiful Friendship
    About the first meeting between Gord's Star Wars character (Hashik) and Rob's Star Wars character (Wumdi). The Star Wars campaign is GMed by Dave Graham.

Fiction by Jodi Krangle & Gord Rose:

  • Honour's Failing
    A combination piece of fiction regarding the events that happened to Kioko during her sojourn as a Matsu to repay the debt of honour required after she killed another Matsu in a duel. For more information, see the L5R synopsis page.

  • A Stable In Waterdeep
    This story was a joint effort by both Gord and myself, conducted through email from each of our characters' perspectives. Nyia is my character and Fin is Gord's character in The Company of Strangers campaign - the campaign this website is named after. It is is run by Dave Graham in the D&D world of Forgotten Realms. Nyia is a somewhat naive merchant's daughter who has had a lot of odd things happen to her while travelling with the Company (not the least of which was finding out her father was an ancient Bronze dragon. Technically, in D&D terms, she's a Dragon Desciple, having started as a fighter/sorcerer). Fin was a Knight (technically, a Samurai) travelling with the company after he had left his homeland of Cormyr in something of disgrace (according to him anyway.). Not many of the Company knew much about his history at all and this scene takes place within Waterdeep right after they found out his real name and his previous standing as a Purple Dragon Knight in his homeland. We laughed about Nyia's silly crush for a while. I joked with Gord and Dave that I'd be fine with whatever happened as long as Nyia didn't end up being like poor Eowyn. Ha. Little did I know ...

  • The Mess On A New Ship
    Another joint effort between Gord and myself conducted through email from the perspectives of our two characters in Dave's Star Wars campaign (Hashik & Myrani). The title of the piece is a play on words - because the two of them really have made quite a mess of things. ;) Though this story is about fixing them. At least for the time being ...

Fiction by Richard Harris:

  • Rian Van Falk's Backstory
    The background story for Rian Van Falk, a character in Gord's D20 Modern campaign. Gord is also a co-author of the story.

  • Curunir's Story
    The background story for Curunir Avanthar, an elven Champion of Corellon Larethian within the Auldvoron campaign run by Gord Rose.

  • The Saga of Rache Bladefist
    The background story for Rache Bladefist, a half elven (at least in the beginning) ranger within the Dullstrand "A" campaign run by Adrian Johson.

  • The Great Almighty Pickle
    A song written in honour of Fin by Garrick, the bard in the Company of Strangers campaign. Must be read to be believed.

  • Silverymoon
    A song written by Garrick, the bard in the Company of Strangers (because he was the King of Silverymoon, don'tchaknow.)

  • The Rising Of The Moon
    A song written by Garrick, the bard in the Company of Strangers.

  • A Fawkes' Tale (with assistance from Gord Rose)
    The origin story of Tyrion Fawkes in Gord's Rifts Campaign. While Rich wrote the concept and background details, Gord wrote the dialogue portion to give the character more flavour and context.

Fiction by Ian Redditt:

  • Star Wars-Ku
    You have to read it to believe it. Based on the situations and characters within Dave Graham's Star Wars campaign. He's also responsible for the character descriptions on the Star Wars Campaign Summary page.

  • Mediocre Paladin
    A running joke now in regards to his Paladin in our Company of Strangers RPG, Ian decided to write this song parody to the tune of Stuck In The Middle With You.

Fiction by Jodi Krangle:

  • The Journal of Calamar Eldanil: Part 14 - The Path to Glory
    Calamar and his friends take the battle to the foe in the siege tunnels beneath Wardlow, and the final showdown occurs between them and Lazarus Solnee.

  • Nyia's Description for the Masquerade Ball
    Within the Company of Strangers campaign, the entire company attended a masquerade ball within Waterdeep. This is a description of the outfit Nyia wore to attend. She was masquerading as a dragon. Big surprise. ;)

  • The Woes of Silver
    A poem (often sung) about defeating a dragon in defence of a town. Pardon the use of a bronze dragon as the bad guy. This was written before she knew that the metallics were the "good guys" and the chromatics were the "bad guys". And frankly, "bronze" just has a nicer ring to it than "red", "green" or "black".

  • Jayna - The Beginning
    Some background on the stoic barbarian in Rob's Nyrond campaign. What set her on the road she now travels.

  • Jayna - The Race
    The events that led to Jayna losing her last tie to the Wolf Nomads - her horse, Tavi.

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