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Links & Other Gaming Resources:

These links are intended as helpful resources for gamers just like ourselves. If you feel you have a resource related to role playing in some shape or form, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to consider adding your link here.
A reciprocal link would be greatly appreciated.

Upper Canada Games - Alex's distribution business. If you're a store looking to buy Privateer Press, Mongoose Publishing, Gale Force Nine, Avalanche Press, Mega Miniatures, Magnificent Egos, Darksword Productions, Darkfury Publishing, Charon Productions, Paizo Publishing or Crunch-Waffle Enterprises product, this is the place to go! Service with a smile - and much of it actually in stock.
  • Wizards Of The Coast - The mother of all role playing game resources. Find out the latest news, read about u pcoming products, join the online community and find resources, downloads and all sorts of stuff for quite a lot of the RPGs out there including D&D, Star Wars and D20 Modern.

  • Privateer Press - Responsible for both the Warmachine wargaming miniatures system and the Iron Kingdoms role playing game, this is probably one of the most successful, up and coming RPG companies out there. We highly recommend you check them out! Firstly, they make beautiful miniatures. Secondly, Iron Kingdoms is a very rich and well-thought-out environment to set a game in. They also have a very popular message board.

  • EN World - D20 breaking news (including info on D&D 4) and a great message board. If you want to be up to date on all the latest happenings with your favorite D20 RPGs, this is definitely the place to consider checking regularly!

  • The Miniatures Page - A web-magazine for miniature wargamers. All the latest news and developments.

  • CoolMiniOrNot - And for those of you who love to paint minis (and want to show them off!), this great site is a community filled with people just like yourself who display their latest creations in the forums. There's also miniature painting news and articles.

  • RPG Objects - Developers of role playing games, websites, and software.

  • Crystal Keep - This HUGE gaming resource is well worth checking out. TONS of resources here for just about any game you can think of.

  • Green Ronin Publishing - These guys have been publishing award winning roleplaying games, card games, and more since 2000. Learn about Mutants & Masterminds, Freeport, True20, Torches & Pitchforks, Walk the Plank, Deck of Many Things, and all their other products. Get up-to-date news and free downloads, and shop the Green Ronin Online Store.

  • Mongoose Publishing - These guys own the righs to games such as Conan, Babylon 5, RuneQuest, Battlefield Evolution, Starship Troopers and more - plus they have a host of miniatures available along with a whole bunch of D20 supplements.

  • - The home of Malhavoc Press, Monte's journal and a great message board where you can voice your opinions on the state of RPGs today. Monte Cook is the creator of Aracana Evolved (the "director's cut" of Arcana Unearthed), a variant for D&D, and the supplements of Eldritch Might and Ptolus.

  • Fantasy Flight Games - A leading publisher of board, card, and roleplaying games. Find information on Midnight, Runebound, the Lord of the Rings board games, World of Warcraft: The Board Game, and much more. They also have a message board.

Some Conventions You Might Want To Check Out:

  • GenCon - With conventions in Indianapolis, England and L.A. (usually - I think this year they're going to Australia instead), this is THE gaming convention for all things related to RPGs and Miniatures. Companies make their major announcements of products to come there (D&D 4 was announced there) and you can play test a lot of stuff along with sitting in on panels. And the DEALER room ... Don't get me started on the Dealer room!

  • HeroCon - Into heroic (as in super hero) role playing? This could be the convention for you. It's general description is "A Maryland Convention for Superheroic Gaming". Worth checking out!

And Just For The Fun of It...

  • Order Of The Stick - A hilarious web comic by Rich Burlew that everyone who plays D&D is sure to get a laugh at.

  • PVP Online - Another really funny web comic by Scott K. Kurtz that used to be found in Dragon Magazine for a while.

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